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Daughters of Davis


Daughters of Davis are made up of two sisters, Adrienne & Fern Davis who play music with an acoustic Soul/Folk vibe.

The girls are currently touring in their sparkling new Elddis Tourvan with the release of their 2nd album 'British Soul' after securing a Top 10 spot on the iTunes Singer / Songwriter Charts.


They recently came off two European tours in 2014 supporting artists such as Rebecca Ferguson & The Eels.


Their story hasn’t always been one of committed to their music in 2011 the girls gave up everything, quit their jobs & devoted all to their music to become known for their greatest passion!


More remarkable is that the duo survived touring for practically two years against the odds in their rusted van, living pretty much off of 17p soup & porridge alone, before their new van-home was bestowed upon them!


These sisters have soul and live the folk reverie that it's possible to turn your life around and live the dream if you’re bold enough.

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