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September 2017

Lauren Ray

Brit Floyd


Philippa Hanna


October 2017

Dweezil Zappa

Jack Chapman

Chloey Rose

Live On Mars

Philippa Hanna


November 2017

Brit Floyd

Joe Dolman

Ricky Ross

Off The Record Conference

"Jack Chapman "

Nikki Loy

J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls

Brother Ali

Philippa Hanna


December 2017

J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls



January 2018

The Classic Rock Show


February 2018



March 2018

Brit Floyd

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Brit Floyd


April 2018

Tom Paxton


May 2018

Jools Holland


November 2018

Deacon Blue



UK Tour supporting Lucy Spraggan- 13th Sept until 29th Oct

European Autumn Tour 15th Sept until 28th Oct

Single release of 'DropKickMan' 15th Sept

Single release of 'Off The Wagon' 22nd Sept



UK Tour dates- 8th October until 13th October

Single release 13th October

EP release 20th October

UK Tour dates- 24th October until 4th Nov

UK Tour supporting Collabro- 24th Oct until 2nd Dec



N America Winter Tour- 1st Nov until 11th Dec

UK Tour- 1st Nov until 16th Nov

UK Tour- 9th Nov until 2nd Dec

Panelist and moderating at the event on 10th Nov

Single release for 'Read Your Mind' 10th Nov

Single Release for 'Tongue Tied' 10th Nov

UK tour- 17th Nov until 31st Jan

UK tour- 21st Nov until 24th Nov

Album release for 'Come Back Fighting' 24th Nov



Single release for '2 Bit Lovers' 1st December

Video release for 'Phobia' 1st December



UK tour- 20th January until 28th February



UK tour- 16th February until 17th February



UK tour 2nd March until 18th March

UK tour 12th March until 7th May

N American tour- 26th March until 10th April



European tour- 5th April until 27th April



Tour date at Warwick Arts Centre 23th May



To Be Here Someday' Celebrating 30 Years of Deacon Blue UK tour- 18th November until 12th December


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