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Zoe T


Growing up in Poole- Dorset and coming from humble beginnings as an artist, Zoe T ended her 2014 on a huge high by becoming an Area Finalist for National competition Open Mic UK 2014!


Not only projecting a new sound and style, she has also turned many heads by having a huge transition in her music, from starting out with an urban style as a rapper and thus evolving into a grunge rocker.


With her inspiration coming from array of movies, poems, and life experiences; Zoe's lyricism has honed her craft to sit in between personal experiences and a more light hearted 'tongue in cheek' approach.


Currently gaining numerous interest from both the media and Music Industry alike, 2015 is looking to be a big year for the singer, songwriter, and overly extravagant performer.


Following her December release of the critically acclaimed debut single 'Tell Me' also combined with the bold, brash, but fresh music video. Zoe T will release her debut EP 'Rush' through Ditto Music on the 2nd February 2014.


“Zoe T is not someone you would want to trifle with....she knows how to make an impact!”

Indie Music Mag


“Zoe T is a female rocker who knows how to perform to a live audience, there is something fearless in her style and could well be the second part of a very quick one-two punch attack on the music industry.”

Music Crowns


“Dripping with attitude and narrative”

Watch This Space Music

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